Extracts of Probate Records from Danish Norwegian Towns 1660-1700 – University of Copenhagen

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Extracts of Probate Records from Danish and Norwegian Towns

Project by Camilla Luise Dahl

Extracts of probate records from a selection of Danish and Norwegian towns are being transcribed and will be available as work progresses. Extracts will be given from a number of towns (see map) from across Denmark and Norway from the period c. 1660-1700.
Each extract is a direct transcription of the original text and is in Danish/Norwegian, each heading and probate description is in Danish as well as in English. A glossary of Early Modern Danish-Norwegian dress terms will be made available.

Editorial changes have been made to accommodate the modern reader e.g. Roman numbers have been changed to Arab: VIII =8, but the probates are otherwise transcribed to the letter.
From the probate records extracts of garments, dress accessories and in some cases textiles and various tools to mend, maintain or produce dress are given.

Forord (in Danish)

→ Udgivelsesprincipper
→ Udvælgelse

Selected towns: