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The objective of the textilnet.dk is to make a historical and contemporary digital dictionary or term base available on the Internet from the website www.dragt.dk in order to preserve and communicate the cultural heritage of words and expressions for costumes and textiles.
The user groups are defined as follows:

  • The curators and registrars at the museums
  • Researchers who require require knowledge of textile and costume terms
  • Linguists
  • The public as such

The four main sections of the terms of the dictionary:

  • Designations/terms of textiles and the different techniques to produce them.
  • Designations/terms of costumes and all their different parts.
  • Designations/terms of decorations and the techniques to produce decoration.
  • Expressions /quotations from literature in order to capture expressions with connotations of dress and textiles.

Fundamentally, the scope is Danish but many of the terms have an international origin so also English and French terms etc. are to be explained in the dictionary. In time the perspective of combining textinet.dk with other European or American projects is an obvious possibility. Another way to develop textilnet.dk is the possibility to include the designations for furnishing textiles, uniforms and liturgical dress and textiles, none of which are included in the actual work in progress.

Every term/headword will have reference to the sources/literature. The diachronic and historical development of the semantics of the word/term and the historical development of the concept will be treated.

The hand written files with collections of terms done by the three famous Danish researchers: Margrethe Hald, Erna Lorenzen and Ellen Andersen are the starting point of the project. Furthermore Mathias Moths’ hand written dictionaries from the 17th century and all is supplied by many sorts of scientific literature, dictionaries and other handbooks.

The members of the project group for textilnet.dk are researchers and registrars working at the National Museum of Denmark, the Designmuseum Denmark, Fredericia Museum, at Centre for Textile Research, independent scholars and finally the leader of the project Tove Engelhardt Mathiassen, who is curator at Den Gamle By, National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture.