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Research areas

  1. Andersen, Bo Teglhus

    Specialist teacher

    • Forest and Landscape College - Specialist teacher

    Person: TAP

  2. Andersen, Peter Stubkjær

    Associate Professor

    • Landscape Architecture and Planning - Associate Professor

    Person: VIP

  3. Baaner, Lasse


    • Section for Consumption, Bioethics and Governance - Postdoc

    Person: VIP

  4. Beier, Claus

    Head of Department

    • Secretariat - Head of Department

    Person: TAP

  5. Bentsen, Niclas Scott

    Associate Professor

    • Forest, Nature and Biomass - Associate Professor

    Person: VIP

  6. Boon, Tove Enggrob

    Associate Professor

    • Section for Environment and Natural Resources - Associate Professor

    Person: VIP

  7. Bosselmann, Aske Skovmand

    Assistant professor

    • Section for Production, Markets and Policy - Assistant professor

    Person: VIP

  8. Braae, Ellen Marie

    Professor, External examinor

    Person: VIP

  9. Buttenschøn, Rita M.

    Senior Adviser

    • Forest, Nature and Biomass - Senior Adviser

    Person: VIP

  10. Christensen, Morten

    Part-time lecturer

    • IF-Administration - Part-time lecturer

    Person: VIP

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