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Landscape of Textile Production in the Bronze and Early Iron Age Denmark 


Landscape of Textile Production in Bronze and Early Iron Age Denmark (2011-2015) will be investigated by Eva Andersson Strand and Ulla Mannering.

In The Landscape of Textile Production research project textiles and textile production via the cultural, economic, social and gendered landscape will be investigated and discussed. The focus will primarily be placed on Scandinavian Bronze and Early Iron Ages contexts. The research project will be accomplished through a systematic registration and analysis of raw materials of vegetal and animal origin, tools and production installations in combination with aspects on the physical and social use of the landscape.

It is clear that the results have the potential to challenge earlier results as well as general assumptions on, for example, the economic impact, textile craft specialisation and organisation modes. These results will, without doubt, enrich not only textile research, but also archaeological research in general and thereby provide a better and more plausible picture of past peoples and societies. The ambition of the project is also to make textile research an integral part of the university curriculum for archaeologists, as well as in archaeological field training and in local museum practice.

The research will be carried out in close collaboration with archaeologists from several local Danish museums and the Danish National Museum. Furthermore, the sites/areas most optimal for this study will be selected and investigated.

The results of the programme will be published as articles in conference proceedings and journals in conjunction with collaborators. A monograph on The investigation of the landscape of textile production by Andersson Strand & Mannering also forms part of the planned publications from this programme.