9 July 2018

Fashioning the Viking Age

The aim of the project Fashioning the Viking Age is to create new and archaeologically well-founded interpretations and reconstructions of Viking Age clothing. The project is a cooperation between Ulla Mannering and Charlotte Rimstad, the National Museum of Denmark, Eva Andersson Strand, Centre for Textile Research at UCPH, and Ida Demant, Land of Legends in Lejre. By combining the latest knowledge of Viking Age production of textile and skin in the Southern Scandinavia with analysis of chosen archaeological textiles and finds from burials, we will develop a new approach to disseminate textile, skin and clothing design that can be used for exhibitions, teaching and in popular visualisations of the multifaceted life in the Viking Age. The project will give Danish textile research a renewed focus and impact, but will first and foremost result in a new visual and tactile understanding of textile production and clothing in the Viking Age that can be used in museums, in research, and by the broad public.

The project is made possible by a grant from the VELUX FOUNDATION and the National Museum of Denmark.