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Textile research is a growing field of study with a wide range of disciplines collaborating on broadening our understanding on textiles, tools and craftsmanship in both a global and local perspective. CTR is part of this ever-growing international network of textile scholars which includes:

  • Cloth Cultures in and Beyond the Viking Age
    A Scandinavian research network for front-line investigations and disseminations of scientific studies of clothing, household textiles, textiles for warfare and trade. The network will offer state-of-the-art knowledge with analysis of material evidence as well as written sources, and a forum for discussion and dissemination.
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  • The PENELOPE Project
    The aim of the orojects is to integrate ancient weaving into the history of science and technology, especially digital technology. The project encompasses the investigation of ancient sources as well as practices and technological principles of ancient weaving.
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  • Textilnet.dk
    The objective of the textilnet.dk is to make a historical and contemporary digital dictionary or term base available on the Internet in order to preserve and communicate the cultural heritage of words and expressions for costumes and textiles.
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