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An ongoing textile terminological project, which since 2010 has collaborated with the CTR

Textilnet.dk is available online, and in June 2017 it contains more than 1100 concepts. The objective of textilnet.dk is to preserve and communicate the cultural heritage of words and expressions for costumes and textiles.

The project is headed by Tove Engelhardt Mathiassen, curator at the Open-air Museum Den Gamle By (The Old Town) in Århus. Birka Ringbøl Bitsch MA who was previously employed on the project worked through the first 1100 concepts. Bodil Brunsgaard Nielsen, museum assistant, Den Gamle By, is the technical editor of the termbase and works with image processing.

Furthermore, the following have contributed to textilnet.dk’s work: Ingeborg Cock-Clausen, ethnologist; Inge-Margrethe Davidsen, registrar; Karin Grønning, registrar; Anne Hedeager Krag, MA archaeologist; Kirsten Leer, registrar; Susanne Lervad, PhD in textile terminology, Termplus and Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen; Maj Ringgaard, PhD conservator, National Museum of Denmark; Kirsten Toftegaard, curator, Designmuseum Danmark; and Else Østergård, conservator.

The hand written and machine typed files with collections of terms done by the, in Denmark, famous researchers: Erna Lorenzen and Ellen Andersen has been the starting point of the project. Furthermore Mathias Moths’ hand written dictionaries from the 17th century and all is supplied by many sorts of scientific literature, dictionaries and other handbooks.

Textilnet.dk is a work in progress. In the longer term, the editors of textilnet.dk aim to expand the termbase, both with concepts that are named in the explanations in other parts of textilnet.dk, as well as with terms and concepts that are used in craft and industry from more recent sources, possibly in direct collaboration with the various branches.

Contact us at textilnet@dengamleby.dk if you wish to contribute to, or form part of, a collaboration around textilnet.dk. Possible contributions will be edited by the members of the steering committee twice a year and (jointly) approved at a meeting of the committee.

From February 2017, textilnet.dk’s steering committee is constituted with Tove Engelhardt Mathiassen, curator, Den Gamle By as chairperson and contributor and the following members of the steering committee who also contribute to the termbase:

  • Vivi Lena Andersen, PhD, curator, Museum of Copenhagen
  • Kristine Holm-Jensen, curator, Tekstilmuseet, Herning
  • Anne Hedeager Krag, MA, archaeologist
  • Susanne Lervad, PhD in textile terminology, Termplus Aps., and Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen
  • Maj Ringgaard, PhD, conservator, National Museum of Denmark
  • Kirsten Toftegaard, curator, Designmuseum Danmark

In addition, Associate professor Eva Birgitta Andersson Strand, PhD, Director, Centre for Textile Research, SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen is a member of the steering committee.

For more on textilnet.dk see: Tove Engelhardt Mathiassen and Birka Ringbøl Bitsch, A New Danish Project in Textile Terminology: textilnet.dk., in: Susanne Lervad, Peder Flemestad, and Lotte Weilgaard Christensen (eds), Verbal and Nonverbal Representations in Terminology. Proceedings of the TOTh Workshop 2013. 2016, pp. 171-175.
The article may be downloaded here

The work of textilnet.dk is closely monitored by the Dansk Sprognævn, the Danish Language Council.


We wish to thank the following for their generous financial support:

  • The Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik’s Foundation
  • The King Frederik and Queen Ingrid’s Foundation
  • The Augustinus Foundation
  • Farumgaard Foundation
  • The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces
  • Termplus Aps
  • Den Gamle By, Danmarks Købstadmuseum for financing the hosting of the digital dictionary