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Bridging Cultures. Transnational Cultural Encounters in the Reception of The Bridge

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The Danish-Swedish crime series The Bridge (2011-) is not just a European co-production involving several national funding sources. It has also created quite an active response among transnational audiences, critics, journalists and creative industry people – further expanding and consolidating the Nordic noir phenomenon. This article deals with reception of the series in three countries (Denmark, UK and Sweden), through analysis of the demographic profile of audiences and the discourses of reception of the series in selected newspapers and on social media. Such transnational intercultural negotiations relate to universal dimensions of stories, but also initiate a cultural encounter between ‘us and them’. The reception shows a fascination of Nordic Noir as a genre, but the transnational cultural encounters with the series also involve social, political and cultural themes and exchange of different norms and life styles. Themes related to the national vs. the transnational challenge firm notions of national identity and transnational otherness.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Scandinavian Invasion. Nordic Noir and beyond
EditorsRichard McCulloch, William Procter
PublisherPeter Lang
Publication date15 Jun 2018
StateAccepted/In press - 15 Jun 2018

ID: 158659019