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The Beauty and The Beast

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Using insights from Queer Theory, this paper unpacks the visual securitization of the suffragettes as dangerous queers who threatened societal stability. Starting from the problem of the exclusive emphasis of the Copenhagen School on the speech act, and lack of attention to the body, as well as the problem of how those who cannot speak security make their voice heard, this paper addresses societal and governmental attempts to silence the suffragettes. I unpack how political women obtain their ‘dangerous’ label, simultaneously dealing with Disciplinary International Relation’s disregard for images. This is achieved by analysing posters used by pro- and anti- women’s suffrage parties throughout women’s suffrage campaign in Britain between 1907-1914. Building on visual politics literatures this paper assesses the securitizing nature of posters used during the women’s suffrage movement in Britain. It concludes that suffragettes were securitized because they refused to behave within traditional gender norms and heteronormative constructs, fuelling their construction as ‘mad’ dangers to society whose participation in politics was unfathomable. Their transgression into the masculine realm triggered an ontological dislocation for Edwardian men’s masculinity, legitimising torture and reducing the suffragettes to degenerate individuals whose bodies must be corrected and/or eliminated.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date15 Sep 2017
StatePublished - 15 Sep 2017
Event11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations - Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 13 Sep 201716 Sep 2017
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Conference11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations
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