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The lectotypification of two names referred by Linnaeus to the genus Illecebrum (Caryophyllales): Illecebrum benghalense and Iresine javanica, with comments on Aerva tomentosa

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Duilio Iamonico, Ib Friis

Linnaeus had a broad concept of Illecebrum and, based on the current circumscription wherein the genus is considered 
monotypic, only one out of the seventeen names Linnaeus treated in combination with IllecebrumI. verticillatum – remains in the genus. The other sixteen names are now referred to other genera of both Caryophyllaceae (Chaetonychia, ParonychiaPolycarpon), and Amaranthaceae (Achyranthes, Aerva, Althernanthera, Blutaparon, Nothosaerva). Two of the species referred
to Illecebrum by Linnaeus have remained to be investigated from a nomenclatural point of view, I. bengalense and I. javanicumIllecebrum bengalense is here lectotypified with a specimen preserved at LINN and is placed in synonymy with Nothosaerva brachiata. Illecebrum javanicum, based on Iresine javanica, is lectotypified with a Burman illustration. The name Aerva
is placed in synonymy of Iresine javanica
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StatePublished - Oct 2017

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