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Textiles in Context

Conference: Textiles in Context, New Research on Ancient Danish and European Textile finds

17th – 20th January 2007, University of Copenhagen
The 4-day conference attracted 28 participants and a daily audience of fifty.

Johanna Banck-Burgess, Landesdenkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Marta Bazzanella, Museo Degli Usi E Costumi Della Gente, Trento, Italy
Tereza Belanová-Štolcová, Archaeological Institute, Slovakia
Sandra Comis, Netherlands
Dee DeRoche, Virginia's Department of Historic Resources, USA
Mari-Louise Franzén, Statens Historiska Museum, Sweden
Carmen Alfaro Giner, University of Valencia, Spain
Kordula Gostenčnik, Austria
Karina Grömer, Naturhistorisches Museum, Austria
Sunniva Halvorsen, Norway
Marianne Bloch Hansen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Elizabeth Wincott Heckett, University College Cork, Ireland
Lotte Hedeager, University of Oslo, Norway
Tatjana Krupa, Kharkiv University, Ukraine
Eva Lundwall, Statens Historiska Museum, Sweden
Jerzy Maik, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Fabienne Médard, France
Christophe Moulherat, France
Youlie Spantidaki, Greece
Annemarie Stauffer, University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany
Eva Andersson Strand, CTR, Denmark
Julian Subbert,  Hamburg University, Germany
Amica Sundström, Statens Historiska Museum, Sweden
Irita Zeiere, Museum of History, Latvia
John Peter Wild, University of Manchester, UK
Carol van Driel Murray, Amsterdam Archaeological Centre, Netherlands


The results of the research presented at the conference are published in the book Textiles and Textiles Production in Europe from Prehistory to AD 400 edited by Margarita Gleba and Ulla Mannering (Oxbow Books 2012).