All The Goods of The Earth

Pre-Mongol pattern
Our Marie Sklodowski-Curie postdoc Corinne Mühlemann presents the results of her research during the past 2 years, The presentation is both in person and on Zoom. See the the CTR Fall Programme for how to access the presentation on Zoom.

Making And Marketing in The Pre-Mongol Marketplace

Final Presentation of the Marie Curie Skłodowska project by Corinne Mühlemann.

Islamic legal sources have received little attention from art historians when discussing the production, consumption, and reception of objects produced in the medieval Islamic world. The Ḥisba of al-Saqaṭī, the Kitāb fī ādāb al-ḥisba, written and compiled in Málaga at the end of the 11th century, allows us to dive into Málaga's marketplace and its products.

In this final presentation of my project, I will demonstrate the potential of ḥisba manuals to shed light on textile manufacture, loom technology, and the social status of the weaver in the medieval Islamic world. The Ḥisba of al-Saqaṭī not only reveals previously unknown textile terminology relating to the medieval drawloom, but it also brings to light the shared knowledge traditions of weaving, poetry, and music. It presents a rare moment in which a combination of textual documents and material evidence helps to locate the historical fact.