Marie Skłodowska-Curie Projects

Archaeology of textile production in the kingdom of Meroe (TexMeroe)

By Elsa Yvanez
The TexMeroe project aims to gain a better knowledge of the Sudanese ancient kingdom of Meroe (c. 300 BCE – 550 CE), exploring its social organisation and economic system through the study of textile production. The many well-preserved textiles, tools and costume representations discovered on archaeological sites throughout Sudan and Nubia provide new evidences that shed light on this little-known side of Meroitic history.
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Fibres in Ancient European Textiles (FIBRANET)

By Christina Margariti
FIBRANET will shed light to questions on the types of fibres used in ancient Europe, provide data to enhance future identification studies, and open up new paths of possibilities when considering probable answers to fibre identification inquiries.
It will bring together conservation, science and archaeology to provide a new interdisciplinary methodology and new interdisciplinary evidence.
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Monks, Nuns, and Textiles (MONTEX)

By Maria Joanna Mossakowska
The MONTEX project examines Egyptian society in the Late Roman, Byzantine and Early Arab periods through its economy and material culture. The project focuses on the production, circulation, and distribution of textiles. This research will be conducted using the monastic environment as an example.
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