Research Programmes, Projects and Networks

Parchment manuscripts as a biomolecular archive: a novel approach for understanding the origins of the Merino sheep

By Laura Cristina Viñas Caron
Searching for the origin of the Merino sheep in the medieval Spain using DNA from ancient parchment.

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EuroWeb fosters a pan-European network of scholars and stakeholders from academia, museums, conservation, cultural and creative industries.
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Practises of practise: Between Crafts People and Digital Tools

By Eva Andersson Strand
The aim of this project is to illuminate how the body, mind and environment are involved in the production processes behind ancient technology and the creation of textiles, by developing the use of Experimental Archaeology, Motion Capture, Cognitive Motor Neuroscience, 3D modelling and scanning and Acoustic analysis for recording and understanding textiles and textile craft processes.
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Cloth Cultures in and Beyond the Viking Age

A Scandinavian research network for front-line investigations and disseminations of scientific studies of clothing, household textiles, textiles for warfare and trade. The network will offer state-of-the-art knowledge with analysis of material evidence as well as written sources, and a forum for discussion and dissemination.
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Fashioning the Viking Age

The aim of the project Fashioning the Viking Age is to create new and archaeologically well-founded interpretations and reconstructions of the Viking Age dress. The project is a cooperation between Ulla Mannering, the National Museum, Eva Andersson Strand, Centre for Textile Research at UCPH, and Lejre Land of Legends.
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Margrethe Hald’s Archive

A grant from Agnes Geijer’s Foundation has made it possible for weaver and art historian Ulrikka Mokdad to digitalize the Margrethe Hald archive and to make her work accessible to both academic researchers and the public. The digitalization will take place from 1 January to 30 April 2019, and will result a full bibliography as well as copies of articles, books, slides and photos, which will all be available on the CTR homepage.
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Skin, Fur and Leather Terminology

An international collaborative skin terminology project to examine the leather, fur and skin terminology in a diachronic way.
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The Fabric of My Life

The Fabric of My Life (FABRIC) is a collaborative project between cultural institutions in DK, GR, and DE with the aim to innovate and test new methods in the cultural sectors concerning migration history, to empower refugee women and to train cultural workers and design students.
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THREAD is a dynamic and innovative collaboration of diverse partners from business, design, education, research and refugee support agencies aiming to achieve life-changing results for women who are forging new lives in Denmark.
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