Skin, Fur and Leather Terminology

A project taking place at CTR 2015-2018

An international collaborative skin terminology project to examine the leather, fur and skin terminology in a diachronic way started in September 2015 at the Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen.

The collaborators of the project are:

  • Centre for Textile Research (CTR), University of Copenhagen
  • Centre de Recherche en Terminologie et Traduction (CRTT), Université Lyon 2
  • Osservatorio di Terminologie Politiche Linguistiche (OTPL), Università Cattolica, Milano

A first step was to present the digital collection  “ “ from the National Museum of Denmark and discuss the terminology problem of the database from a registrar’s point of view. serves as a comparative text collection for the different project members.

A research and development day at CTR in February 2016 brought together the different participants of the project. See the programme.

Other activities of the project

Teaching activities and construction of multilingual text corpora are undertaken at the University Lyon 2. Susanne Lervad has taught a class, and presented the current diachronic terminology work in Denmark, especially,, and the multilingual terminology in these social media.

2017. Summer school at Fondazione Cerratelli, Pisa – session by Maria Teresa Zanola and Susanne Lervad: Plurilingual terminology and costumes.

2017 October. Exhibition in Università Cattolica by OTPL and Fondazione Cerratelli: "Shakespeare e i costume di scena di Zeffirelli, figure letterarie e terminologie".

2017 Autumn. Susanne Lervad (visiting scholar CTR) and Luise Ørsted Brandt (archaeologist and post doc) visit Susanne Harris and the University of Glasgow. Focus on the analysis of ancient animal skins.

Collaboration with the Archaeology Leather group and their newsletter, and with Susanna Harris and Vivi Lena Andersen (Museum of Copenhagen).

2018. Publication of results - multilingual mapping of data in term collection.