EgYarn: Textile production in New Kingdom Egypt. Results and conclusions

Presentation by Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi.

The lecture will be followed by a free discussion among all participants.

See a preliminary overview of further CTR meetings and lectures during spring 2023 (pdf)

Zoom Link

You can join us on Zoom if you are unable to attend the event in person. A link will be made available soon.

We expect everybody to turn on the camera and have their name displayed as the “name tag”.

You can join the discussion. However, until personally addressed, we kindly ask all online participants to stay muted.

CTR Meeting

The preceding hour (at 14:00-15:00), is mainly considered an administrative meeting for CTR members. Yet, if anyone else wants to join, you are most welcome. The meeting will consist of general administrative and CTR-related news and information as well as a round of “News around the table”, where everybody is expected to give a short update on their projects. Anyone participating during this part is expected to join in, regardless of whether or not you are a CTR member.