CONFLICT: Archives, Collections and Heritage research workshop

The CONFLICT: Archives, Collections and Heritage workshop (in-person and online) explores the topic of cultural heritage, archives and museum collections in conflict and post-conflict times. Starting with Cambodia’s art history and archaeology, discussions will expand to a global perspective. It is organised by Magali An Berthon from the Center for Textile Research at the University of Copenhagen on 25 March 2024, in conjunction with the exhibition “The Art of Ikat: A Cambodian Renaissance” which opens on 22 February 2024, at the Royal University Library, University of Copenhagen South Campus. Linda Sok and Sophea Oum, two of the artists featured in the exhibition, will be in attendance.

How does conflict affect the recovery, preservation and conservation of museum collections and archives? Does it also affect the meaning and significance of such collections, whether they survived or were lost? Facing disappearance and destruction how do artists and artisans offer invaluable responses toward restoration and healing? These are some of the key questions animating this day of discussion centred on innovative research approaches.

This event is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation and the David Fond og Samling.

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