First approach on the textile production at Mleiha (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates c. 250 CE)

Lecture by Chloé Nolibois, Museum of Natural History, Paris.

The corpus of domestic textiles found in Building H of the Mleiha site, in the United Arab Emirates was exceptionally well preserved after the building in which it was located burned down. Céline Kerfant carried out an initial study during her Master dissertation in 2015. Her approach, underpinned by archaeobotanical knowledge, enabled the identification of many of the textile fibers used in their manufacture. Enriched by the knowledge and analysis methods provided by the Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen, this second study aims to complete the technical understanding of a selected corpus of these charred Mleiha textiles, while looking at the possible insertion of their manufacturing into the trade routes of the Arabian Sea.

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