Seminar on Current Research in Textile Archaeology along the Nile

See poster for the event.

8:40 – 9:00 Registration, coffee, tea, and welcome

Session 1. Methods and Techniques:
Renewed Interest in Ancient Textiles from Egypt and Sudan and
Interdisciplinary Approaches

Chairs: Anne Drewsen & Ulrikka Mokdad

9.00 – 9.25 The Study of Textiles of the Museo Egizio: A Work in Progress
Valentina Turina & Matilde Borla, Turin Museo Egizio
9.25 – 9.50 Reappraisal of the Late Antique Textile Collection from the
Department of Antiquity, Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts
Eszter Mátyás, Hungarian National Museum
9.50 – 10.15 Spiral Textiles. Ancient Techniques – Modern hands
Ulrikka Mokdad, CTR
10.15 – 10.45 Coffee break
10.45 – 11.10 The Museological Value of Misattribution
Cary Karp, Uppsala University
11.10 – 11.35 Charting the Nalbinding of the Nile
Anne Marie Decker, independent researcher
11.35 – 12.00 The TexMeroe Project: Towards an Integrative Archaeology
of Textile Production
Elsa Yvanez, CTR

Session 2. From the Field: Current Research on Ancient Textiles

Chairs: Ulrikka Mokdad and Elsa Yvanez

13.00 – 13.25 Textiles in the Elite Cemetery at Hierakonpolis: Fresh
Investigations in 2018
Alistair Dickey, University of Liverpool
13.25 – 13.50 The Elephant’s Shroud
Anne Drewsen, CTR
13.50 – 14.15 Tracing Clothes in the Ancient Temples and Documents
Katarzyna Kasprzycka, University of Warsaw
14.15 – 14.45 Coffee break
14.45 – 15.10 Scientific Analysis and Technical Study of three ancient
Egyptian textiles from the tomb of Hatnofer and Ramose, Western
Thebes, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 1550 - 1295 B.C.
Tatiana Verdon, Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY, NYC
15.10 – 15.35 The Practice of Wrapping in Tutankhamun’s Burial in a
Comparative Perspective
Ziff Jonker, University of Copenhagen
15.35 – 16.00  Coffee break
16.00 – 16.25  Qasr Ibrim. Its Tools and Textiles
Sarah Hitchens, University of Liverpool
16.25 – 16.50 Nubian Textiles project – an investigation of textiles and
textile production of medieval Sudan
Magdalena Wozniak, IKSIO-PAN Warsaw
16.50 – 17.30 Concluding remarks and discussion
17.30 - 19.00 Drinks in the CTR library (room 11b-1-05) - all attendees are

The seminar is free to attend, but for planning
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