Eva Birgitta Andersson Strand

Eva Birgitta Andersson Strand


Primary fields of research

Textile production, craft organisation and trade during the Iron and Viking ages in Scandinavia

Textile Production in the Bronze Age Mediterranean

Invisible Craft, Living Textile Handicraft & Experimental Textile Archaeology – rendering invisible textile production visible

Traditional Textile Craft - an Intangible Culture Heritage? 

Capturing our intangible past: Craft technology and experimental archaeology in digital space


Current research

The textile landscape, particularly textile economy in the Viking Age: See projects for Fashioning the Viking Age and Cloth Cultures in and Beyond the Viking Age on the CTR website: www.ctr.hum.ku.dk.

Science in textile archaeology - experimental and digital archaeology. See the project Practises of Practise: Between Crafts People and Digital Tools. 

Also archaeology and textile research in the Near East, particularly Anatolia, as well as in the Aegean.



Fields of interest

Archaeology in Northern Europe and Mediterranean; textile production; craft organisation; trade; gender; archaeology and politic; archaeology and ethics; experimental archaeology, computer applications in Archaeology


Developed and runs the course in Textile Archaeology - a Hands-On Course, allowing students to combine hands-on experience with the textile processes and the theoretical science of their chosen discipline. 

Teach prehistoric archaeolgy at Saxo Institute.

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