Plato’s Gorgias – University of Copenhagen

Plato’s Gorgias and Forensic Practice

Workshop with Hayden Ausland and Debra Nails

Dr Maria Papadopoulou participated in Plato’s Gorgias and Forensic Practice: Workshop with Hayden Ausland and Debra Nails, a seminar organized by The Research Group 'The History of Philosophy'.

The workshop took place at University of Copenhagen 16 June 2015

Over the last decade we have seen an increased awareness about the significance of forensic practice in Plato’s dialogues, notably in connection with the Apology.

In this workshop we shall explore this dimension in one of Plato’s dialogues that has not yet been examined thoroughly from this viewpoint, namely his Gorgias.

Professor Hayden Ausland, University of Montana, and Debra Nails, Michigan State University, are key players in the on-going discussions of this topic.

Associate Professor Leo Catana, University of Copenhagen, and Post-doc Kristian Larsen, University of Copenhagen, also presented material at the workshop.