2 March 2023

New CTR Summer School open for Application

This year CTR is hosting a new summer school “Dressing the World, Theory and Practice through 2000 Years” from Monday 14 August to Friday 25 August 2023.

The course focuses on different historie and cultural theories, with an emphasis on critical and analytical approaches to the field and, in the wider context, an explores the entanglement of textile and fashion in characterising cultures and societies.

The summer school is composed of six interlinked modules, which interweave the themes of textile techniques and craft, cloth cultures, textile history and technology, new analytical tools from the sciences used in the humanities, and the interpretation of the multiple meanings of dress and fashion in society, as markers of status, identity and power, or as gendered gifts. Hands-on textile craft experiences are integrated in the course every day.

Read more about the course and the application process.

Take a look at our poster for the course.