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28 March 2011

New guest scholars


Mary Harlow

Mary Harlow will be working at CTR as a guest researcher until 1. June 2011 as a part of our big research-theme "Textile Economies in the Mediterranean Area" (TEMA).

In her research Mary focuses on 'dress & identity', and 'age & aging' at ancient Rome. Current textile research: a volume on dress in the Roman world for Cambridge University Press Key Themes Series.

Mary is affiliated with Institute of Archaeology and antiquity at the University of Birmingham, UK, as a Senior Lecturer in Roman History.
Please contact Mary at :

Berit Hildebrandt

Berit Hildebrandt will be working as a guest researcher at CTR until 30.June 2011 as a part of our big research-theme "Textile Economies in the Mediterranean Area" (TEMA).

Textile research at the moment: "Textiles in Diocletian's edict on maximum prices Textile trade along the silk road in antiquity Silk in antiquity". Berit concentrates on the connection between economy-textiles-ancient societies.

She is otherwise affiliated with Leibniz Universität, Hannover (Dept. og History) as Lecturer in Ancient History.
Please contact Berit on:

Zofia Kaczmarek

Zofia Kaczmarek will be working at CTR as a guest scholar until 30.May 2011.

Zofia is an archaeologist and is currently doing her PhD-project: "Contacts between the Roman Empire and North-European Barbaricum, based on Textile surveys. First to beginning of Fifth Cent. AD".

Her focus is the interchange between Romans and Barbarians and how we can read it in the textile evidence. She is affiliated with the 'Adam Mickiewicz University' in Poznan, Poland, where she is located within the Institute of European Culture (Hist.).
Please contact Zofia on:

Camilla Luise Dahl

Camilla Luise Dahl (MA in History) will be affilliated with CTR until the end of 2011. She works within the "Fashioning the Early Modern" project and her current research is on textile and garments atested in probates from Danish towns in 15-1600's AD.

Camilla has previously been the editor of the "Dragtjournalen", an E-zine published by Den Danske Dragt - og Tekstilpulje.

For more details on Camilla's projects:
Please contact Camilla Luise at: