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25 February 2013

Marie Curie scholarship for CTR

We are delighted to announce that Dr Paula Hohti, HCAS, University of Helsinki, has received a Marie Curie 2-years-scholarship to start on 1 March at CTR.

Paula's project is entitled 'Global encounters: Fashion, culture and foreign trade in Scandinavia, 1500-1630:

This study of early modern Scandinavian clothing, fashion and textile trade investigates how international trade and global cultural encounters shaped Scandinavian cultures in the Renaissance period.
Using empirical, visual and material evidence it explores what economic, social and stylistic changes were introduced by foreign imports in the clothing cultures in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, how the lives of individuals were visually transformed by novel concepts and, eventually, what constituted Finnish, Swedish and Danish ‘fashions’ in the early modern period (1500-1650). The central goal of the project is to propose a new methodology combining previous empirical research and theoretical models drawn from fashion theory, social and economic history and anthropology with the tradition of textile analysis and costume conservation. By placing Scandinavian states along the Baltic trade route on the ‘map’ of the early modern global encounters, previously overlooked in this kind of research, the research will not only open up new horizons for Nordic research, but it will also challenge the perceptions that social and cultural change in the 16th- and 17th-centuries was limited within the great European cultural and commercial centres such as London, Spain, Italy, and France.