Conferences and Workshops 2015


18. February. Experimental Archaeology And Early Modern History. Workshop organized by Eva Andersson Strand and Paula Hohti. Centre for Textile Research, Copenhagen.
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20. February. Stof til Eftertanke. Seminar. University of Copenhagen.
Booklet with different clothing from the Danish Viking Age (pdf).

26. February, The Fabric of Life: Approaches to Textile Resources, Economy and Production in Ancient Italy. British School at Rome / Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia.

7. - 8. May. "First Textiles. The Beginnings of Textile Manufacture in Europe and the Mediterranean". A two-day international conference at Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen.

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2. - 5. September. Aegean Scripts. 14th Mycenological Colloquium, Copenhagen.

17.-18. september. Renlighed & Rendesten. Seminar om personlig hygiejne, snavs og sundhed i Danmark, 1500-1850, Københavns Universitet Amager, Center for Tekstilforskning. THE SEMINAR IS CANCELLED.
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6. - 7. October. Textiles in Ritual and Cultic Practices in the Ancient Near East from the Third to the First Millennium BC. International workshop, Copenhagen.
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11. - 14. November. Textile Trade and Distribution From the Ancient Near East to the Mediterranean (1000 BC to AD 400). International conference, Kassel University, Germany.
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16. - 21. November. 10th North American Textile Conservation Conference,
New York. Material in Motion.
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27. November. Precolumbian Textiles. Workshop taking place at Centro Cultural de San Marcos - Parque Universitario - Centro Historico de Lima, Peru.