Margrethe Hald: the Life and Work of a Textile Pioneer: new insights and perspectives

With the generous support from Agnes Geijers Fond to Centre for Textile Research (CTR), UCPH, the small archive at the CTR was reviewed and systematized resulting in the digitalization of publications and later slides published on the CTR homepage in 2019: The Margrethe Hald Archive

During this work, it became clear that there is much more to the story, including a large amount of unique material archived at the National Museum of Denmark as well as the National Archives, which has never been researched.

Margrethe Hald

Margrethe Hald
Margrethe Hald at the party for her doctoral defense. Foto: Holt & Madsen fotografer

Margrethe Hald’s research represents a rare virtuosity in its combination of scientific methods ranging from ethnology over archaeology to history as well as craftmanship, which still inspires textile research as an interdisciplinary field.

Margrethe Hald understood that textile research could not be limited to just one particular scientific approach. She produced ground-breaking research by combining e.g. cultural history, art history, ethnology and archaeology. Her study travels to other geographical areas, especially South and Mesoamerica and the Middle East, was of vital importance for the development in her academic knowledge. The digitalisation of the c. 600 slides from the Margrethe Hald’s archive spotlighted that most of the slides miss information on either place or time. However, using the newly discovered archival material from amongst other the National Archive, CTR will attempt to pair letters, passport stamps etc. to individual slides to make it possible to publish these correctly in connection with the other material.  In doing so, it would be possible to understand exactly what Margrethe Hald learned on her travels and how this influenced the results of her research.










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